We want to help your company
as much as we want to help you

We are also offering products and services to companies. Our solutions can include the following features:

Abstract management of databases

So a new GUI and UX can be created from an old existent data base

Printed Reports

The reports created by the solution can be printed in a logical structure and nice look

Friendly User Interface

With the data uploaded on the solution, can make reports that shows all the required content


The solution can retrieve all the information in remote places with no Internet connection

REST Server

It can work on both mobile (iOs, Android and Microsoft) and web.

Office Integration

Exporting the content to Power Point, Word, Excel, etc. (Depending on the case)

Other Services

Quality Assurance

Track, plan and coordinate the projects using Jira.


Creation of instructive manuals.


Possible crashes.


We use Windows Azure.

Data Migration